OEM repairs

At Telesis Collision Center, we perform OEM certified repairs which means that we fix the vehicle exactly how the manufacturer would fix it. We never cut corners and we always make thorough repairs.  We make repairs to the car exactly how the manufacturer would want them.


We believe that only the engineers who built your car are qualified to determine how should be fixed. That is why we only follow the OEM guidelines when doing your repair. You get a car repair as safe as the day it was built.

Special Equipment

Special Acura-only repair
equipment used here.

All manufacturers have a list of repair equipment and jigs that are required to be on their OEM programs. Not all shops make that kind of a financial investment. This often leads to improper repairs. Telesis Collision Center makes continual investments in our equipment and OEM training so you can be sure that your repair was done factory correct.

We are a proud member of the Acura OEM
certification program.

The Acura OEM certification program is very difficult to get into so we are proud to tell our customers that we have been certified. We have been serving the area since 1955 and have built a strong reputation in Antelope Valley with our high quality repairs. We use parts manufactured by Acura to fix cars made by Acura. Our goal is to keep the car in the same condition as the day you found it on the lot.


When the repair is imperceptible, you can retain more of your resale value. When done improperly, paintwork and bodywork is easy to spot by the trained eye. Factory correct repairs are virtually undetectable.


Maintain all Acura factory warranties and safety standards when choosing an Acura OEM shop.