Years ago, when you would take your Subaru to get repaired in Palmdale, auto repair technicians would follow a procedure they do for any car that comes in. You could trust that they were performing the best possible repair for your vehicle and that it wouldn’t be given any shortcuts to speed up the repair process.

Nowadays, the way you repair a car is entirely different then what it was even just five years ago. Newer cars require specific repair procedures and parts directly from the factory. If you would repair any vehicle the same way you would years ago, it would actually cause damage instead of fixing it. With all that said, where do you get your Subaru repaired? How do you know to trust that shop?

Meet OEM Certified independent body shops: OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” When a shop becomes OEM certified for a particular brand (like Subaru), that means the technicians follow the repair procedures precisely as the vehicle’s manufacturer instructs the car to be repaired. You don’t have to worry about the shop using Aftermarket or Salvage parts on your vehicle, which is pretty much junk. There’s no, “one mans trash is another man’s treasure” when it comes to car repair.

When an auto repair shop invests in becoming an OEM Certified body shop, they are committed to creating a lasting partnership with that brand. The shop owner has paid for everything that the shop needs to maintain the highest quality of repair possible for the brand, from the equipment to even something as simple as a car battery. Being an OEM Certified body shop is also a responsibility, as there is a commitment to follow the guidelines and never take any shortcuts. This investment from the shop is because they are passionate about repairing vehicles precisely as the manufacturer instructed them. This passion is why they’re not going to give anything less than that for repairs on that brand of cars.

In addition, this means that the shop has paid for continuing education for their technicians. This is because when a technician works at an OEM Certified body shop, they have gotten the highest level of training available to them and knows the specific repair procedures for that brand. Every technician receives certification through the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and is considered a Gold Class Professional from I-CAR. Essentially, this shop has now become the experts in everything to repairing Subaru’s.

We at Telesis Collision Center are proud to be a Subaru OEM Certified body shop. Since January 1st, over 1,000 shops have wanted to receive their Subaru Certification. We feel fortunate that we have ours and we hope that we can help you with your Subaru repair needs. 

We know that you have several choices when looking for an auto repair shop in Palmdale. But now that you understand what OEM is and how important it is for your car why not take it to a shop that will perform the repair precisely as the manufacturer instructs us? Let alone, we’ve personally invested in becoming a Subaru OEM Certified body shop, and our technicians know exactly what they are doing.

We have been successfully serving the Antelope Valley for over 20 years and are committed to giving you the best service possible. If you’d like to schedule a free estimate or get a free online quote, click any of the buttons below! Or, if you’d prefer to call us, feel free to give us a call at (661)-952-4732. We look forward to hearing from you!


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