Just last year, a giant body shop chain was formed and became one of the biggest auto body shop chains in the country. With over one thousand locations across the country, Insurance companies saw this as the perfect opportunity to save money by sending their customers to these shops. However, it was not without a price…and that price is the safety and quality of the repair for you, the customer.

A few months ago, we wrote about the problems you often see in these high production body shops. We realize not everyone might have read that article, and we feel it’s very important for customers to know what they would expect if they were to take their car to one of these body shop chains. The car repair world is undergoing a lot of change and we want our customers to be educated on what is happening so they feel more confident going into the repair process. More and more insurance companies are putting pressure on their drivers, like you, to go to a body shop they tell them to. Making it seem like the best option out there when it’s really only benefitting the insurance company. This type of pressure makes a driver needing car repair feel like that’s where they need to go, not realizing there is more than one option out there.

Major body shop chains are constantly putting customer’s lives at risk with their fast repairs, but not a lot of people know this. This is why we decided to write this so you, the driver, know you get to choose where your car gets repaired. We’re here to let Palmdale drivers know the real difference between body shop chains and independent body shops like Telesis Collision Center.

The Reality 

The reality of car repair is never as simple and stress-free as your insurance company makes it appear. You’re without your car, possibly dealing with injuries, and trying to figure out the best place to get your car repaired the right way. Your insurance company does know how inconvenienced you are, which is why they are promising to get your car back to you ASAP. However, as soon as insurance companies put pressure on body shops to work faster, they will almost always cut corners in the repair process to save time and money. This is the absolute worst thing that can be done to your car, especially since car repair is nowhere near what it used to be even just a few years ago. It takes highly trained technicians knowing exactly what needs to be done to your car and refusing to cut corners in the process. We wish we could say every auto body shop is like this, but unfortunately, only the best body shops perform repairs this way. Auto body shops that are part of a chain will get straight to work out of “experience,” creating sloppy repairs and putting your safety at risk as a result of this repair process. That is the reality of taking your car to one of these body shop chains.

No Longer A Person, But A Number In Line

When you take your car to one of these body shops that are part of a national chain, you no longer have the personalized attention you would receive from taking your car to an independent body shop. To high production body shops (that a part of a chain), you’re merely a number in line and not a customer they care about. You feel like no one really cares about your repair or your safety, which there is truth to that. Any technician can “fix” what is damaged in your car. Repairing it the right way for your specific vehicle is an entirely different ball park. The best body shops know this and know no car repair is ever the same.

Faster Doesn’t Always Mean Better

These national body shop chains are under a contract from insurance companies to perform faster repairs at a specific budget. As a result, these shops are notorious for sloppy repairs and incorrectness of the overall process, especially since the deadline is rather unrealistic. Technicians will often cut corners in the repair process to save time and money because they think, the faster the repair = more money from the insurance companies. 

However, these high production body shops often have to buy back cars because of poorly performed repairs. The “repaired” vehicle is considered a total economic loss, which is when the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the overall value of the car. We wish we could say this only happens on rare occasions, but it happens more than you think.

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority, Or Is It? 

As we mentioned above, if an auto body shop cuts corners in the repair process to save time and money and to meet the insurance company’s deadline, your safety is also at risk. Your car’s manufacturer releases repair procedures known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) repairs. OEM repairs instruct the technicians exactly how a repair should be done. The way cars are manufactured today means more complex repairs, which will take longer. It’s not a matter of using a few tools and equipment to get the job done. The best body shops know to look up OEM repair procedures for your vehicle because they are the safest and highest quality. A body shop chain will often neglect these procedures and will perform the same type of repair for every car that comes into the shop. OEM repair procedures were designed specifically for your car, and are the only way your car should be repaired.

Who In Palmdale Know How To Repair My Car The Right Way? 

Here at Telesis Collision Center, your safety is our number one priority. Our customers are never treated like a number in line that you’d see at a body shop chain. We promise to work with you to ensure you are getting the best quality of repair out there! Each one of our technicians is up-to-date on OEM repair procedures from your car’s manufacturer. We know that you have several choices when looking for an auto repair shop in Palmdale. Why not take it to a shop that will perform the repair precisely as the manufacturer instructs?

We have been successfully serving the Antelope Valley for over 20 years and are committed to giving you the best service possible. If you’d like to schedule a free estimate or get a free online quote, click any of the buttons below! Or, if you’d prefer to call us, feel free to give us a call at (661)-952-4732.

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