Who Is The Best Subaru Auto Body Shop In Antelope Valley CA.

Subaru owners are some of the most fiercely loyal brand ambassadors. Subaru has done a great job of marketing themselves as a brand that you continue to buy from generation after generation- much like Ford trucks. Subaru has also built a loyal following for safety and high performance. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that, should your Subaru need auto body repair anywhere in the Antelope Valley, you only want the best.

But what does it take to be the best?

OEM certification is the answer.

Telesis collision is one of the few Subaru OEM certified shops in the Antelope Valley Area. And what is OEM certification exactly? OEM certified means our technicians have been trained by Subaru to fix their cars the way Subaru wants them fixed. There is no guesswork involved when a Telesis collision technician begins a repair on your Subaru, the process is coming from Subaru and is being performed by a Subaru trained technician.

It also means that our shop has every single piece of equipment required to fix Subaru’s. This is an important distinction because today’s cars require very specific equipment to perform the repairs and not inadvertently damage the vehicle or its systems.

Even something as simple as the battery charger we use has to be the exact one that Subaru requires. It may seem silly to have to buy a different battery charger to fix one brand of cars, but since we are not Engineers we don’t know if the wrong charger could affect an electronic component.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that. Being Subaru OEM certified also means that we have all the proper frame equipment, electronic measuring systems, welders, blind rivet tools, and even specific jigging required to hold your Subaru in position while repairs are made. We have made the investment because we believe that it is that important.

It means the tolerances we repair your car to are exactly how they left the factory. It means we will only use OEM repair parts. It means that when we apply seam sealer to a repair area, we will apply it exactly the way the factory did it originally. It means that your repair will be completely imperceptible. It also means that your warranty will remain intact.

Third Party Inspections

At Telesis we also pay two companies to come in and perform un announced spot inspections to make sure that our technicians are performing the repairs properly. We hire Verifacts and VECO Experts to come in and inspect us for the proper process, the proper materials and the proper care required to keep your Subaru repair a certified Subaru OEM repair.

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