A funny thing happens when you do an online search for “Auto body shop Palmdale”, over 90 percent of the results are “best of” lists from websites such as Yelp or Carwise.  Even if you weren’t searching for a best of list, those are the results you get, basically a list of lists.

As a consumer who is looking for auto body repair here in Palmdale, how do you tell what constitutes a “best body shop in Palmdale” ranking? How do you know if any of these review sites know what it takes to properly and safely repair cars?

Because at the end of the day, a properly repaired car is what matters most. You need a shop who knows how to fix a car the proper way and return your car back to the same level of engineer-designed safety that it had when left the showroom floor with, and you want a repair that will last the life of the car and not cause problems for you long after you have left the shop.

The problem with review sites

The problem with these websites is they have no way of determining if a shop knows what they are doing. The manufacturers create repair procedures for each car but there is no law that forces a shop to follow them. To make matters worse, the state of California doesn’t require you to have a license when repairing a car. What that means to you is that there is nobody regulating how a body shop fixes your car. There is no such thing as a safety department that spot-checking body shops to see if they even know what they are doing. There is no “health department” for collision repair. That’s scary stuff.

There is one correct way to repair your car, and an unlimited number of ways to ruin it. When we started in business twenty years ago, it didn’t matter too much what the manufacturers thought about how you fixed a car, they were all basically made the same and were fixed the same.

Fast forward twenty years, and the whole game has changed. The cars we fix today are far more advanced in their construction and it takes a different kind of body shop, a different kind of technician, and a different plan of attack to fix every car that rolls into the shop.

The problem with auto body repair shops

The problem is not every shop on these “best body shop” lists in the Palmdale area have evolved with the machines we repair.

That is why we believe there are only two shops in Palmdale worth taking your car to: Telesis Collision Center and Westside Body and Paint.

Now, we are in no way affiliated with Westside body and paint, in fact they are a direct competitor. But if you want to want to get your car repaired properly in Palmdale, those are your two best choices.

So, what makes Telesis (and for that matter, Westside) the best choice for auto body repair in Palmdale?

  1. At Telesis, we follow OEM repair procedures when they are available (some brands such as Hyundai do not publish repair procedures).
  2. We also use factory repair parts as much as possible and try not to use aftermarket parts which are prone to fitment problems and not of the same quality as OEM parts.
  3. Our motto is, “bringing it back to new for you” and we do that only using the most advanced tools and equipment.
  4. Our well-trained technicians who are I-CAR and ASE certified and we continually invest in their training.
  5. We understand what you are dealing with following a collision repair and we have built our business around making it easy to navigate both the claims and the repair process.
  6. We are your advocate for a safe and quality repair.
  7. All of our work is warrantied for the life of the vehicle.
  8. Our customer service is second to none, just check our reviews.
  9. As Californian’s, we respect our environment and are a green facility.
  10. We are an independent repair shop, not a national chain and therefore we are not beholden to the same large-scale cost cutting pressures that the big chain shops are.

Ultimately only you can determine what constitutes a “best body shop” for you, but hopefully we have enlightened you in what to look for. We know that you have several options available to you when choosing where to get your car repaired in Palmdale. If there are any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to call us at (661)-274-2719. We will give you a free estimate!

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