The world is focused on the coronavirus outbreak and struggling to find the new normal with quarantine. There are small positives in the midst of the uncertainty and its coming in the form of more support for local and small businesses. Giving your business to a local shop almost will always guarantee a more personalized experience and the peace of mind knowing exactly where your hard earned money is going. Not to mention, your contribution will go much further for the smaller business more so than it would for the huge corporate national chain.

Collision repair shops fall in this exact same scenario especially with remaining open during the pandemic due to being considered an essential business. Telesis Collision Center remains open and is doing all we can to protect both our customers and staff. Despite many states being on stay at home orders, there are still essential workers driving to work each day, people still need to go grocery shopping, or might have other urgent/essential needs requiring them to drive. As long as people are still driving, there will still be accidents and cars will still need to be repaired.

On the other hand, there are others forced to stay home or work from home meaning less use of their vehicles. For some this is the perfect time to finally schedule repairs that have been put off to avoid the inconvenience of being without a car. Either way, the choice remains to decided where to take your car for collision repair.

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How do you choose what body shop to use in Palmdale?

Nowadays, cars are designed to protect us with safety features and smart technologies to avoid collisions. These are called Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and they are what makes collision repair much more complex and expensive. Doing research and vetting if the body shop follows the recommended repair protocols outlined by your car’s manufacturer (also called OEM) is crucial for receiving the safest, most complete repair. Choosing a body shop is as simple as asking a few questions about their repair procedures to know if they are following the OEM position or cutting corners to save time and money. Unfortunately many national body shop chains, or high production shops, are notorious for doing just that which could put you at risk

Faster and cheaper repairs do not always mean better

Oftentimes the estimates at these higher production shops are cheaper than the smaller shop. Plus they can promise you that you will have your car back sooner. While both of these things sound like a positive, you might want to take a closer look at the two estimates and compare the details. Fast and cheap usually means the repair will be sloppy and unsafe. It may also mean your safety features you paid a premium for when purchasing your car, may no longer function properly after being repaired at one of these chains. The repair may appear shiny and complete, but whats hiding beneath the surface has caused many cars to be bought back by the chain collision center. These shops practice this to avoid bad reviews and are forced to declare the car a total loss since the damage ends up costing significantly more after the poor repairs.

Unfortunately, Telesis Collision Center has received vehicles with extremely unsafe repairs that was performed one of these national chain body shops. There are many times we have had to declare the vehicle a total loss or end up having a much more expensive repair bill in order to rectify the unsatisfactory repairs. At the end of the day, your safety is our number one priority and we will not let you back on the road driving an unsafe vehicle.

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Know the right questions to ask

A good body shop will not shy away from questions and should be happy to guide you through the entire process. From explaining the claims process to what every line item means on your estimate, we are here to help. Here at Telesis Collision Center we believe you deserve the safest repair. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority which is evident in our reviews. We aren’t satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Since 1995, Telesis Collision has steadily built our reputation in the Antelope Valley as your auto body repair experts. That’s why one call is all it takes to get started on your auto body repair claim. Receive personalized attention from neighborhood experts. We care and we want to make the process easy on you. If you are in need of collision repair services and would like to get an online quote or schedule an appointment, click the buttons below or feel free to give us a call at 661.274.2719. We are happy to discuss what measures we are taking to keep both our staff and customers safe.

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