It’s time to think about spring cleaning, and that doesn’t just apply to your home, bur your vehicle as well.

Trading muddy roads for clean dry roads is definitely an incentive to get your vehicle looking just as great as the weather. Here are 4 quick tips that will make spring cleaning a breeze, so you can set the wheels in motion, and cruise into warmer sunny days in style, courtesy of Telesis Collision Center in Palmdale!

1. Wash and wax exterior.

Scrape the mud, dust, debris and grime off your vehicle with a car wash. Take it to your preferred car wash service or pick a beautiful day and wash your vehicle outside. Sure this may take a little more time, but it’s well worth the effort when you can leave winter behind, and feel better about the overall condition of your vehicle. Finish off the wash with a car wax. This step is very important as it seals the paint, adds a shiny coat, and repels water beads eliminating troublesome water spots. As tempting as it is, don’t leave the first rainfall to wash your car for you!


2. It’s all in the detail.

As with the exterior, the interior has suffered equally harsh conditions; car mats are filled with road dirt, seats and carpets are covered in stains and grime, while your dashboard is concealed in a layer of dust. Make sure your floors are vacuumed; mats are hosed down with a pressure washer to really cut through the build up, and use quality upholstery cleaners to thoroughly clean the fabrics and carpet.




3. Clean out the trunk.

The trunk tends to act as a general storage facility. Clean it all out and find another storage space, not only will it free up some room to store things you’ll need in the summer, but it will also lighten the load, improving your vehicle’s fuel economy rating.




4. Bring your car in for service.

Spring is a great time to perform a quick inspection and general maintenance on your vehicle. Test to see if your headlights and taillights are in working order, change wiper blades if they’ve been worn out. Most importantly, make sure your mechanic checks your vehicle’s alignment, since bumpy roads and potholes can throw alignment off and cause premature ware.

These easy tips from the team at Telesis Collision Center in Palmdale, will help you keep your vehicle looking spring fresh. Not only will your car look and feel better, but you’ll feel more confident about its overall condition and welcome the warmer driving season with piece of mind.

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