With the New Year here many of you are looking to purchase a new vehicle to start 2019 off on a new and exciting foot! New Year – New Car! Telesis Collision Center has put together a list of car buying tips to help you purchase a vehicle when the time is right for you.

What is the best time of the month to buy?

Many people want to know if there is a better time than another to purchase a vehicle. The best price is always important. Buying or leasing a vehicle at the end of the month will typically provide you with the best deal. Most salespeople have personal sales goals they are trying to hit for a larger commission check or bonuses and the push to do that at the end of the month will benefit the both of you.


What is the best time of the year to buy?

There are a few times during the year that will yield you the best deals on your car hunt. These include the end of the quarter, where dealerships are trying to reach sales goals, and when the new-model-year vehicles make their arrival in the fall of the previous year. Dealerships are often trying to get rid of the older model inventory to make room for the new models. Another great time to shop is on a holiday weekend like Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4thof July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dealerships and the automakers themselves offer great deals and even special financing to move units on holidays. Although you may be taking away from some family time or a little R&R, purchasing or leasing on a holiday weekend could save you thousands of dollars!


How can I cut down on the time it takes at the dealership?

Most of us do not want to spend hours on end at a dealership when getting a new vehicle so knowing a few time saving tips will really come in handy. Make sure you have done your research ahead of time. With the power of the internet you can take as much time as you want in the comfort of your own home researching different makes and models. Take your time to read reviews and dial in the components on the vehicle you really can’t live without. You can also use the internet to check pricing on the vehicle(s) you really like so you have an idea of what you are looking at before sitting down with a salesperson. If you find a vehicle you really like on a website, make sure to call ahead and make sure that vehicle is still available. You can ask questions about that vehicle before driving in to make sure that the vehicle you like is truly the “one for you”.


I saw a special online but when I go in to the dealership the pricing isn’t the same. Why?

Make sure you read the fine print! When a dealership puts a vehicle on their website and shows a monthly payment it is reflective of specific terms in the fine print. The price is oftentimes with a specific dollar amount down at a certain percentage rate due to a predetermined credit score, with a low number of allowed miles per month (on a lease) and, most likely, will not include fees, taxes, registration, etc that can add up to much more than you had originally thought. Make sure you take all of those pieces into account when you are ready to sit down and crunch numbers.


Driving a new vehicle is a blast so make sure to make the most out of your buying or leasing experience. We hope these car buying tips help you as you navigate the process. Enjoy your new car in the New Year!

Happy 2019!

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