On Sept 28th at 5:30pm Telesis’ very own, Greg Cole, will be one of 30 racers in the Carting for a Cure go-cart racing event and is hoping to win 1st place!

Carting for a Cure is part of the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix at The Blvd and is an annual event put on by the Cure a Child Foundation. The Cure a Child Foundation supports children and their families in the Antelope Valley who are struggling with a childhood illness. Since 2008 Cure a Child has donated over 1.3 million dollars to CHLA (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles) and local charities in the AV. Amazing!

Now that you know a bit about the event, let’s take a moment to learn about the Telesis Collision Center go-cart driver extraordinaire – GREG COLE!

Greg has had an affinity for cars since he was a young boy. At 12 years old he purchased his own, single-seater go-cart with a whopping 5 horsepower and drove that baby around the neighborhood loving every minute of it.

Also at the age of 12, Greg’s neighbor purchased a 1969 Chevelle SS396 and Greg fell in love with it. He told his neighbor that one day he would have a car just like that. The neighbor gave Greg a big eye roll and didn’t think much more about it. Well, 3 years later (when Greg was 15) that neighbor put the Chevelle up for sale – and guess who purchased it? GREG! That is what we call being determined, folks! The best part is that Greg still has it!!!

Greg with is beloved “69 Chevelle

Fast forward a few years and Greg got a job in the grocery business. He began running a night crew and stayed in that business for 17 years! Being the bright and dynamic man that he is, when the opportunity arose to move into the automotive industry Greg felt it was perfect timing to switch things up. After 17 years, in 2002, Greg put his grocer background on the shelf and learned the art of auto body estimating at Telesis Collision Center and he’s so happy he did.

After only a year into estimating at Telesis the opportunity arose for Greg and his partner, Geoff Dozier, to purchase the auto body shop and make it their own. They seized the opportunity with gusto! As is life, Greg and Geoff went through difficult times running the body shop but their love for their community, employees and business helped push them through.

It has now been 16 years and the business at Telesis Collision Center has grown leaps and bounds and has made a name for itself in the beautiful Palmdale and Antelope Valley community. Even after all these years Greg still has a love for writing estimates and learning all the “latest and greatest” automotive trends along with mechanical and technological advancements.

The Telesis team invites you to stop by Telesis Collision Center to get your blue and white Telesis pom poms and join us on Friday, September 28th at 5pm to help us cheer Greg on!

Click HERE for more info on the race. We hope to see you there!