Whether you are planning on driving or flying to visit friends and family during the holidays, you have to admit; traveling can be very stressful.

Telesis Collision Center has come up with some great travel hacks to help take the stress out of your holiday travels so you can Jingle All the Way!


Begin making a list of things you know you’ll need and don’t want to forget about a week before you are planning on traveling. You can add to the list as the trip gets closer and you remember other things you’ll want to bring. Having thought out your packing list makes the day of packing and getting all your belongings together a breeze. You’ll also be able to look over your list and simplify it meanwhile not leaving anything important behind.

On your list you’ll want to make sure you’ve noted snacks and entertainment for your littles and yourself during down time.



No matter the mode of travel, one thing is for sure – there are certain days of the year that traffic is going to be the worst which can add to the holiday travel stress. Millions of people will be traveling to friends, family or even warmer weather during the holiday season. If you are going to be one of those millions then avoid the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and try to do your driving either very early in the morning or very late in the evening.

Before heading out on the road double-check all your fluids and tire pressure. Make sure those wiper blades are new and in good working condition. We also recommend filling up your gas tank BEFORE heading out on the road to save yourself the stress of trying to find a gas station in an area you aren’t familiar with or even worse, getting stuck in traffic with that red low fuel level light staring you right in the face with no exit in sight.



Peak days of flying during the holidays are the weekends around Christmas and New Year’s Day. We recommend you use your booking engine’s flexible date option to find your lowest possible fares to save yourself some money otherwise you could be in for some hefty ticket prices! More holiday travel stress!

The most expensive and busiest days to fly during Thanksgiving are the Wednesday before and the Sunday after the holiday. Typically, flights on Thanksgiving Day are cheapest – if you don’t mind taking to the skies while most people are watching the parade and football games all day in their jammies.



This is a travel hack that spans all days of the year, not just the holidays. Having one-dollar bills on hand is invaluable for vending machines, tipping, snacks, slot machines…wait – who said that? But really, having small bills on hand will be very handy.



When cramming all your belongings into your suitcase, try throwing in a few dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Ever had a bottle of cough syrup or conditioner leak out all over your clothes? Well, we have and it’s disastrous! Place a piece of plastic wrap between the top and bottom of containers or put liquid containers in tightly sealed plastic bags. You’ll be thankful you did and thankful to let go of that holiday travel stress.

All of us here at Telesis Collision Center wish you a very happy and safe holiday season!