Strong winds can be a dangerous hazard when driving, and it doesn’t matter if you drive a high profile vehicle or a small one, high winds can be a problem for anyone on the road.

The team at Telesis Collision Center in Palmdale wants you to be safe, so here are some tips to stay safe while driving in strong winds:

Obviously you’re always supposed to be aware of your surroundings when driving, but never move so than in windy weather. Be aware of anteing on the side of the road that could blow into your path, such as branches or trees. If there are trees or other vegetation on the side of the road, look for how much it’s moving, and if anything could possibly detach.

Not only do you have less control of a vehicle the faster it’s moving, but you also have less time to react. Sudden gusts of wind can cause problems that no one will be able to anticipate, and if you are driving slower, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding them.

In this sort of weather, truck drivers will have a much harder time maintaining control. They’re used to this however, and should be able to deal with it expertly. Having said that, you should still give them a lot of space on the road. They may be forced to veer or suddenly change lanes as a result of a sudden or strong gust of wing. Regardless of weather, we should be giving big trucks plenty of space anyway.

Side winds tend to be the scariest as a driver, because if they’re sting enough, they can blow you off course. If you feel side winds changing the direction of your vehicle, gently steer in the opposite direction to bring yourself back. Do not panic or turn your wheel quickly or suddently, make only smooth and gentle movements.

Head and tail winds are not as difficult to deal with, as they’re only likely to alter your speed slightly. You may find yourself having to adjust your acceleration slightly to compensate.

The best advice that one can take for driving in windy weather is to be a safe and responsible driver. Be prepared for anything that might happen. In other words, be a defensive driver, and remember that Telesis Collision Center is always here for you.

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