Keeping cool during the summer isn’t just for vehicle owners – your vehicle needs help too. An overheated vehicle isn’t simply an inconvenience, it can also be very costly.

The High Desert is known for its hot summer temperatures, often reaching triple digits, but remembering these simple tips can help keep your vehicle cool as the temperature soars.

  • Check your coolant level and make sure your coolant is fresh. The number one reason vehicles overheat is a low coolant level. If you find that your level is frequently low, you may have a leak that needs to be repaired. Old coolant can also lead to deposits in your radiator that can reduce the flow of coolant.
  • Inspect the radiator. Debris and contaminants can build up over time in your radiator. When this happens, air cannot flow through the cooling system, and this can cause your vehicle to overheat.
  • Check the radiator cap. It’s also important that your radiator cap is properly fastened. The cap maintains the pressure level in the cooling system, which can prevent overheating.
  • Check your belts and your water pump. The drive belt keeps your water pump working and the pump circulates the coolant. If the belt brakes, the pump cannot do its job and your engine will quickly overheat.
  • Always keep extra coolant on hand. You never know when the need may arise and you don’t want to find yourself stranded on the road in the summer heat.

At Telesis Collision Center we want you to have a safe experience on the road this summer. We’re also here to serve all of your auto body repair needs.

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