Summer is the ideal time to hit the road for a fun vacation. For some of us a “stay-cation” is the top choice. Whatever your plans may be, summertime driving can be challenging – even if you choose to stay close to home.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the road this summer:

Be aware of teen drivers
Traffic may ease up in the summer because school is out, but that also means there are more teen drivers on the road. Teen drivers have the least amount of driving experience and may be more prone to accidents.

Be aware of vacationers (you might be one too!)
Tourists can add to congestion on the road. Lack of familiarity with the roads or speed limits can lead to unpredictable driving. Also be prepared for unexpected slowing – there may be sightseers in front of you.

Road construction
Summer is often the ideal time for road construction. Be sure to follow all traffic safety laws and remember to slow down in the cone zone!

Know the weather conditions of your destination
If you decide to travel out of town, knowing your destination’s weather conditions will help you prepare for more than just your outfit choices – it might save your life! Summertime isn’t always the warm and sunny season we expect it to be. You should always be aware of the local weather conditions of your destination. Did you know that summer is monsoon season in Arizona? Our eastern neighbor experiences more severe weather than most of the other states. If you get caught in one of these summer storms you can experience high winds, dust, severe downpours and often flash-floods. In The Great Plains and the Midwest, hailstorms are a common summer occurrence, as well as an occasional tornado. Check your destination’s Department of Transportation website to get local safety tips before you hit the road.

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