Many of us are going to get away this summer and do some traveling. Telesis Collision Center has put together 5 Summer Travel Tips to help you make the most of your summer vacation!

  1. Routine auto check.

Since we are your auto body shop in Palmdale, our first tip has to do with auto maintenance – of course! We recommend you have a routine check done on your vehicle to ensure all fluids, tire pressure, etc are running properly before hitting the road. Remember, the slightest deficiency in tire pressure can negatively impact your miles per gallon and cost you money. The little things are important as well as the big ones when looking at the best summer travel tips.


  1. Start early.

Whether you are headed to a nearby location or traveling across country on a road trip, the best time to travel is late night or early morning so you can take advantage of fewer vehicles on the road. If you are planning a flight, the airport will be less congested during those hours and will help you breeze through the dreaded parking lot, check-in lines and TSA more quickly.


  1. Consider All-Inclusive.

When looking to book a vacation you may want to check out all-inclusive vacation spots for your summer travel. There are many that will help you save money while still having a wonderful time. If you are traveling with kids, oftentimes the all-inclusive resorts offer free or discounted rates for children. As we all know, food and cocktails can be some of the most expensive items on a trip. The all-inclusive option allows those costs to be built in so you can eat and drink to your heart’s content without blowing the budget.


  1. Car Rental.

Many of us need to rent a vehicle for summer travel (or any vacation for that matter).  One thing to think about, that many forget, is that car rental agencies offer a better price for renting the vehicle for an entire week versus the daily fee. Oftentimes, renting the car for 5 days costs the same as the 7 day week rate. Why not rent for the entire week and give yourself that extra time so you can relax and not have another stressful “to do” on your list.


  1. Wash Your Hands. And Wash Again.

Summer travel is fun for everyone but being exposed to all the public places you will go presents the challenge of being exposed to the germs that are brought there by the masses. The most important and easiest thing you can do is wash your hands. gives us the best and correct technique for washing those hands. “If you’re in a public restroom with a towel dispenser, first pull down the paper so you have a clean sheet waiting with which to dry off. Then run the hot water and vigorously scrub for at least 15 seconds, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies — the folds of your hands as well as cuticles and fingernails that can trap dirt and germs. If the washbasin has foot pedal, be sure to use it.”

Your Telesis Collision Center family wishes you very safe and fun travels this summer!

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