Living in Southern California in November doesn’t necessarily bring to mind visions of snow and freezing weather.

Winterizing your car might be the last thing on your mind as the winter holidays approach, but it is an important step in maximizing your vehicle’s longevity.

Following these tips will help ensure a worry free winter:

The most obvious fluid is coolant. Cold weather can cause rubber parts like hoses and radiator gaskets to harden and become weak. So not only do you want to ensure that your coolant is filled to the proper level, but it’s important to inspect your hoses as well. They should be pliable yet firm when you squeeze them.

Oil is another fluid that is vital to a car’s engine, especially in the winter. Cooler temperatures can cause engine oil to thicken. This can make it harder than normal to get your engine to turn over. During the winter months, switching to a less viscous oil can generate less wear and tear on your engine.

One fluid often overlooked is battery fluid. Did you know that at 0° F a battery only has about half the cranking power it does at 80° F? Don’t forget the cold weather is already making it harder for your engine to turn over. You can see that having a good battery is crucial in the harsh winter months. Don’t forget to check your battery cables for wear and tear and always remember, the owner’s manual can be your best friend.

Visibility and Handling
Windshield health is crucial to safe winter driving. Check your wiper blades for cracking and stiffness. Use a windshield washing agent that has antifreeze in it, to prevent it from freezing in your reservoir.

If you travel in a slippery part of the Antelope Valley during the winter, it’s worth it to switch to a dedicated set of winter tires that have a tread pattern designed for optimum traction. Mounting them on a cheaper set of steel wheels not only makes the change from summer to winter tires easier, but it also saves your nice alloy wheels from the wear and tear of winter driving.

At Telesis Collision Center in Palmdale, we want you to be safe all year long.

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